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Why choose Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil™

  • Very rare ancient whole food.
  • Representative of primitive food: very high quality and unadulterated.
  • Limited production.
  • Raw, handcrafted, and extra-virgin.
  • Wild from the remote waters of Norway’s Helgeland Fjords.
  • Harvested at specific times of the year to ensure superior quality oil.
  • Produced from the finest-quality livers.
  • Extracted using age-old ancient principles.
  • Has not been altered by heat, chemicals, mechanical pressure or fermentation.
  • Oil in the exact form it is found in the liver.
  • Absolutely nothing added.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Fresh-tasting.
  • Third-party tested, and also tested by a British University.
  • We will never compromise on the quality of our oil, and we mean NEVER!


Helgeland Donna Norway 12

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