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What makes ROSITA Oil exceptional

ratfish-left-transparentOne of nature’s rare wonders, our whole and unrefined extra-virgin ratfish liver oil is made in small batches by hand, with great care and consideration for the final product. The oil is extracted from the finest-quality wild ratfish liver within a short period of time after harvesting. The process of extraction is done by hand, based on the ancient principles pointed out by nature herself. No chemicals, heating, steam, or mechanical pressure are ever used in production. As a result, our unadulterated oil retains its enzymes and complete nutritional profile, and at the levels nature intended; it is truly oil in its natural state.

We at ROSITA take great care to preserve the nutritional integrity of this oil we offer you. We look at our product as a rare ancient whole food, not a supplement, and one with an exceptionally rich and unique nutrient profile. We will never use modern methods to extract this oil, which can compromise the quality of pure unrefined extra-virgin ratfish liver oil.

We pride ourselves on the level of care and careful attention to detail that goes into producing the highest quality, premium grade, handcrafted ratfish liver oils, and believe there is no other company like us that takes so much pride. We all share a common passion for our very special “liquid gold,” and would now like to share this well kept secret with you.


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