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Rosita Reveals The

Ancient Norse Way of Producing Cod Liver Oil

On May 19th 2014 Rosita picked a bright day to demonstrate the ancient Norse way of producing cod liver oil. Lots of pictures were taken as well as video (which is available below). Back in the old days, including the days of the Vikings, it was the women that had to do all the fishing to have fresh fish, roe and cod liver oil on the table when their partners were away at sea. Both men and women worked extremely hard, and as a team, to survive. The Rosita team still maintain this tradition.



The Rosita team left early morning for their fishing voyage from the beautiful island of Dønna and went further north. The picture above is taken from the boat as it begins its voyage in search of codfish.



In the distance (middle) you can see the snow covered rugged peaks of “The Seven Sisters” mountain ranges. Towards the right of this picture, “The Donna Man” can be seen. This is a legendary mountain in Helgeland with human characteristics – looking like a man lying on the ridge.


Rosita’s boat reaches its desired destination for cod fishing & harvesting. This remote area is beautiful with crystal clear & pristine sapphire blue waters of amazing purity.


 As soon as Rosita’s fisherman drops in a long line baited with slices of frozen fish, the codfish practically leap onto the line!


 The lively wild codfish is hauled into the boat.



 A healthy looking codfish!


The codfish is finally on board. This picture (above) shows two important members of the Rosita team, “Kari” (on the left) and their captain and senior fisherman “Lars” (on the right) who is a traditional artisan fisherman. By the way, our team leader “Bengt” is taking the pictures.



After a good harvest, Rosita’s team travel to the nearest harbour with their fresh catch of wild codfish and begin the process of gutting the fish.


Lars uses a razor-sharp ceramic blade to cut across the throat of the codfish. The Ancients used sharp knifes with blades of stone or bone.



He then makes a longitudinal incision down the belly of the codfish.


The livers and pale orange roe immediately spill out.



The fresh livers are cream coloured, beautifully plump and soft to the touch. They are full of fine quality raw liver oil.



The fresh livers are gently placed in a glass bowel without any rough handling which can lower the oil quality.



The exclusive “Rosita Ancient Production Method” is then applied. This ancient method allows the livers to naturally & gradually ‘release’ the raw golden oil they contain (shown in the picture above) without any intervention whatsoever! All that is required is a change in temperature that mimics seasonal changes in temperature. That is the beauty of this very rare & ancient Norse method of liver oil extraction. The Vikings and ancient Norse people treasured this kind of fresh golden pure oil the most!



Some of this raw cod liver oil is poured out of the glass bowel, then very lightly filtered with the help of gravity only to remove particles of liver tissue, and poured into a wine glass to show its beautiful golden color (shown in the picture above - to the right of the glass bowel containing cod livers floating in the oil they have released). This is the “real” color of fresh cod liver oil exactly as you find it in a “living” codfish liver. Towards the extreme right of the picture you can see the bottled product from Rosita's latest production. The amber glass bottle protects its content from sunlight. Tiny amounts of Rosemary and full spectrum natural vitamin E are added to help extend the shelf-life of this raw fresh wholefood.



Another member of the Rosita team, “Rita” (shown in the picture above) has just applied this ancient extraction method to “release the oil” from the fresh codfish livers. She is very proud of Rosita’s rare & unique cod liver oil. There is definitely no other cod liver oil like it on this planet!


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