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Gold of the Ocean

Ratfish are a non-commercial bycatch deepwater fish species which are seldom caught. The average harvesting by our fishermen, for each net, is less than one fish! As a result, ROSITA ratfish liver oil is a limited resource.

Production3There are additional reasons for the low production rate, which are related to our own strict demands for producing the highest quality fish liver oil possible.

We have limited harvesting in our protected and remote waters to special times of the year, when the fish flourish and thrive and produce livers that are beautiful. This, in concert with the time-consuming ancient extraction techniques and extremely low extraction temperatures (at the expense of yield), makes our production very specialised and limited.

In contrast to highly processed refined fish body oils and fish liver oils, our wild extra-virgin handcrafted ratfish liver oils follow the natural rhythm of changes in seasons and feeding cycles of the fish. Therefore, each batch may vary slightly in appearance, flavour and nutrient levels, but will always retain their original nutritional integrity.

Because of the time-consuming ancient methods used to produce our handcrafted oils, and their limited production volume, true wild unprocessed ratfish liver oils are expensive.

Its rarity and exceptional properties were a major reason why the Vikings named this oil “Gold of the Ocean.”



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