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Key health-supporting benefits

  • Very rich in rare biologically active lipids called alkylglycerols, which may have anti-inflammatory properties and help to support immune system health.
  • Contains phytosterols (plant sterols) which were present in early human diets.
  • Contains natural antioxidants that protect against free radical damage.
  • May help to support blood vessel and pineal gland health.
  • Contains a wide-range of nutrients, just as nature intended. Absolutely nothing added.
  • Rich in fat-soluble vitamins and quinones.
  • A naturally low ratio of vitamin A to vitamin D.
  • Contains a wide spectrum of fatty acids, including omega-3, omega-4, omega-6, omega-7, omega-9 and omega-11 fatty acids in their naturally occurring forms.

Suitable for those following Weston price/Paleo/Raw food/Healthy diets


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